Where We Fish

Sunrise Over the South Texas Bays

Little Fishin Guides spend hundreds of days a year on the water of the Texas Coastal Bend.  Our time on the water provides us with the experience to help you decide which bay system or lagoon will be most productive for the type of fishing you want to do.

Our area of focus includes:

  • Baffin Bay
  • The Upper Laguna Madre
  • The Land Cut
  • Corpus Christi Bay
  • The waters around Port Aransas

Baffin Bay

Baffin Bay is one of the most unique fisheries in the world.  With very little fresh estuarial water and no direct cuts to the Gulf of Mexico, it is a relatively closed system that produces a hypersaline environment.

Combine that with the unique “Baffin Bay Rocks” which are unique structures found no where else in the world, Baffin Bay offers a remote consistent environment with excellent structure that produces trophy speckled trout and redfish.

The Upper Laguna Madre

Literally translated from Spanish, Laguna Madre means Mother Lagoon.  Its enormous variety of grassy flats, deep cuts along the King Ranch and sandy Padre Island shorelines provide prime habitat for virtually every bit of sea life native to the Coastal Bend.

 The Upper Laguna Madre stretches from Corpus Christi Bay to the north down to the Land Cut at its southern end.  The Intracoastal Canal runs the length of it, giving good access to the entire system.

Whether you want to target redfish, speckled trout, flounder or black drum, the Laguna Madre has it all covered.  The area is so large and diverse, that we may even run into a tarpon, snook or spanish mackerel along the way.

The Land Cut

When the Intracoastal Water Way was created to form an inland waterway linking the southern tip of Texas with the east coast of the United States, one of the non-navigable areas along its route was where the Upper Laguna Madre met the Lower Laguna Madre just north of the Mansfield Cut.

The area required substantial dredging through shallow areas and even across some land.  This area is now known as the Land Cut.  The channel created a new flow of water between the two portions of the Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay.  It also created a choke point in fish migration that can be very productive for speckled trout, redfish, and flounder.

Corpus Christi Bay

 There are two very different offerings in Corpus Christi Bay.  The middle of the bay offers a large number of old gas well pads and deep reefs.  When the wells were drilled years ago, a shell pad was built up on the bottom of the bay.  Those shell pads along with the pipe infrastructure of the platforms became the equivalent of artificial reefs holding large populations speckled trout.

At the edges of Corpus Christi Bay as it transitions to land, there are miles of wetlands, sloughs, flats and other shallow structure that holds all of the sport fish native to South Texas.

Port Aransas

Located at the northern tip of Mustang Island, the waters around Port Aransas offer some of the best inshore fishing in the world.  Several US Presidents, movie stars and famous people have come to Port Aransas over the decades to take advantage of this prime fishery.

From Port Aransas, we can venture out in virtually any direction and find some species of game fish.  From the deep water docks around Port Aransas and the Corpus Christi Ship Channel, to the flats and sea grass beds on the bay side of Mustang Island, we can offer any type of bay fishing trip imaginable.

Just to the north, Port Aransas offers easy access to the Lydia Ann Channel and the Aransas Shrimp Channel.  These large channels give us easy routes to Redfish Bay and Aransas Bay, offering us unlimited target areas for redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and black drum.